Ways to Vote

Your local government has more impact on your day-to-day life than any other level of government. Your participation is important. Here are the options for making voting easy and convenient:

Vote in advance

There are seven days of advance voting at Municipal Hall, 750 17th Street, West Vancouver:

  • Saturday, October 6 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • Tuesday, October 9 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • Wednesday, October 10 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • Thursday, October 11 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • Friday, October 12 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)
  • Sunday, October 14 (8 a.m.–6 p.m.)
  • Monday, October 15 (8 a.m.–8 p.m.)

Vote by mail

If you have a physical disability, illness or injury that affects your ability to vote in person or if you expect to be absent during all of the advance voting opportunities and on October 20, 2018, you can vote by mail.

  • You must apply to vote by mail ballot using the application available online or pick an application up at Municipal Hall.
  • Applications to vote by mail ballot will be available in September.

Note: Due to a potential postal strike, marked ballots may need to be returned via courier.

Application to Vote by Mail Ballot

Curbside voting

If you can travel to a voting place but find it difficult to get into the building, an election official will bring you a ballot. Curbside voting will be available at all voting places.