Election Results

Voters have elected one mayor, six councillors and five school trustees for four-year terms. The results have been declared official by the Chief Election Officer.

2018 Election: Declaration of Results

Determination of official results: Mayor

Determination of official results: Councillor

Determination of official results: School Trustee

Results Totals

Results by Candidate

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Full Results

Preliminary Results Totals

Candidates for the Office of Mayor

One position available Votes
Mary-Ann Booth 4394
Mark Sager 4373
Christine Cassidy 2609
Rosa Jafari 234
Nolan Strong 140

Candidates for the Office of Councillor

Six positions available Votes
Marcus Wong 6229
Peter Lambur 5558
Craig Cameron 5384
Nora Gambioli 5359
Bill Soprovich 4950
Sharon Thompson 4942
Jim Finkbeiner 4922
Gabrielle Loren 4349
Andy Krawczyk 3744
Heather Mersey 3139
David Alexander Jones 2128
Kate Manvell 1826
Carolanne Reynolds 1696

Candidates for the Office of School Trustee

Five positions available Votes
Carolyn Broady 5967
Nicole Brown 5816
Lynne Block 5370
Dave Stevenson 4640
Sheelah Donahue 4439
Pieter Dorsman 4290
Charlotte Burns 2719