Candidates for the Office of Mayor

This election is pivotal, as it is clear we face some serious challenges in our future.  Our greatest, is to balance protecting our way of life, built here over many years, with necessary changes to ensure the community we love continues to thrive.  My conversations with hundreds of residents, and my experience on the School Board and Council have shaped my vision. 
Like many of you I want to live in a community that is livable, vibrant and inclusive, where,

  • There are new, more diverse forms of housing for citizens of all ages;
  • The charm and vitality of our commercial villages are restored;
  • Innovative solutions make travel across the N. Shore and into Vancouver easier;
  • The natural beauty of our parks, mountains, oceans and streams is protected; and
  • All residents have the opportunity to connect with others, contribute, and feel they belong.

This is why I want to be your mayor: to work on finding solutions to these critical issues - to work together, deal with competing interests, and find “the sweet spot”. There is common ground, and I have the experience, vision and passion to lead West Vancouver into the next chapter of its celebrated history.

As Mayor, I will work with Council and staff in a collaborative and respectful manner to create policies and strategies that will guide West Vancouver into the future.
I will:

  • Support strategic development that strengthens and respects neighbourhood character;
  • Encourage stronger representation of individual neighbourhoods by introducing a Neighbourhood Planning System;
  • Remove guesswork for developers with clear Council requirements – no more spot-zoning or negotiating amenities on an individual development basis;
  • Collaborate with our North Vancouver and First Nations neighbours to address cumulative impacts of development and traffic across the North Shore;
  • Create a research-based Housing Policy and strategy to ensure we are addressing our priority housing needs, rather than just adding luxury units and “monster” homes;
  • Take a value for money approach in spending your tax dollars, not rely on new development to expand our tax base;
  • Support independent businesses by enhancing the seaside village character of Ambleside, Dundarave and Horseshoe Bay and addressing commercial lease rates and parking;
  • Promote the revitalization of Klee Wyck and preservation of the Silk Purse, the Ferry Building and our public waterfront and open, green space;
  • Protect the qualities that make West Vancouver so special with a common-sense approach that puts citizens first.

I have an extensive trade background with many chemical, oil, and gas companies from the Middle East to Europe and North America. Also, I have completed many related courses in accounting, international banking and finance, sales and marketing.

I speak different languages, have worked and travelled around the world, and am very comfortable with different cultures.

I will plan and work smart, less is more.  Not talking, blaming, defending , but solving problems and creating tailor made solutions, to:

  • Accept responsibility, plan better, make a more livable community for all, by saving our beautiful natural setting; supporting art and heritage and bringing more beauty into our community;
  • Provide a more equitable, livable community to keep our highly educated residents, our youth,  and our seniors from leaving;
  • Design and plan a solution to decrease high housing and rental prices;
  • Solve evident and evolving traffic nightmares;
  • Address the problem of increasing taxation; and stop wasting tax money;
  • Create a win-win opportunity for our city and our investors;
  • Attract income from other sources rather than increasing resident taxes;
  • Create an ambiance that brings income to small business owners.

Rosa Jafari, M.Arch, B Sc App Chem

Thank you for having an interest and taking the time to look at the candidate profiles. It has been my great honour to have previously served our community as a School Trustee, Board Chair, Council member and Mayor. Also I represented our community on the Board of Metro Vancouver for six years, serving as Vice-Chair and Chair of the Budget and Administration.

There are a number of serious challenges facing our community, which I hope I can help with. These include punitive provincial taxes, regional transportation planning, finding creative solutions for housing affordability. All of these and more will require experience, passion and commitment to address. The role of Mayor is to bring the council and community together. In a genuine spirit of collaboration I am confident we can succeed and move forward in a positive direction.

Whether the issue are large or small, should you honour me with your support I commit to you to do my very best and work diligently for our community.

With sincere thanks,


Lets bring common sense back into politics, no more tax hikes, no more restrictions on what u want done to your own! Property and no more stupid bylaws. If elected Mayor I will never let the citizens of West Vancouver take a back seat to decisions being made in YOUR community. I have grown up and spent my whole life in West Van so now its time to give back to you! The great people who make this place so amazing to live in.