Candidates for the Office of Councillor

While Council has accomplished a great deal over the past term, much of our work is still in progress.  We are taking action to supply the right housing for our residents and essential workers.  We are implementing measures to relieve traffic congestion.  And we are moving forward with numerous initiatives related to arts, culture, heritage, sports and recreation.  I am running for another term because I am encouraged by the groundwork we have laid and I want to see it through.

West Vancouver is my home, where I chose to raise my children.   I love this community and am honoured to represent it. 

In my seven years on Council, I have tried to bring a principled, thoughtful and balanced approach.  I have listened to all voices in the community and tried to find common ground.  I have helped many neighbours resolve their local issues.  I have advocated forcefully for West Vancouver at the regional and provincial levels.

Over the next four years, we will need strong leadership, with the experience and knowledge to know what is required and the energy and resolve to get it done.  I ask for your support so that I can continue to serve this community.

            The central issues facing WV remain the same as they where during the last  election 4 years ago, only they have become more pronounced.

            Municipal spending continues to increase at an unsustainable pace. This is particularly worrisome as the provincial government is further encroaching on the principal tax base of municipalities, namely property taxation.  As well, the population of WV has actually decreased in the last four years and means that the increased absolute costs of the municipality are being spread over fewer people.

            Services provided by the municipality must be done in a more productive and timely manner.

            Traffic congestion throughout Metro Vancouver continues to increase. Short and long term solutions must be identified and acted upon.

            Housing affordability is impacting everybody. In West Vancouver we must provide more appropriate housing options for our aging population and for those who work on the North Shore but can't find suitable accommodation. This requires development of rental housing and townhouses.

            The primary concerns of residents centre around these three subjects plus, in the case of business owners, the failure to move forward on revitalizing the Marine drive business corridor.

            The time for further action on these and other issues is now.

West Vancouver has been my family’s home for four generations, and much of my life has been devoted to public service.  I have served on committees and working groups for more than 30 years. Since 2011, I have served as one of your six municipal Councillors. I have learned a great deal, listened intently, asked many questions, advocated at the provincial and federal levels, and worked with staff and residents to create the best possible policies and bylaws for our community. There is more to do:


  • define and protect neighbourhood identities and heritage assets
  • support diverse housing options; infill, rental, mixed-use
  • create new housing close to public transportation and existing services


  • protect green space, natural features and environmentally sensitive areas, including  restoration and enhancement projects
  • decrease GHG emissions using our Transportation and Energy & Emissions Plans


  • strongly advocate at provincial and federal levels for our current and future needs
  • encourage and prioritize public transit, pedestrians and cyclists, by improving access and safety
  • promote car-sharing, ride sharing, and electric vehicles


  • support arts & culture, local businesses, and recreational amenities
  • involve youth, engage residents in municipal initiatives

West Vancouver is in urgent need of a Mayor and Council that are committed to sensible decision-making that will move our community forward from the pothole into which it has descended. Past years have seen much conversation, but very little action solving our communities’ challenges.

I am eager to put my time, energy and skills toward solving the problems we face. I am a West Vancouver resident and business owner. I am also an active member of the Ambleside-Dundarave Business Improvement Association, the West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce and the business community overall.

Some of the solutions I believe would work:

  • Working closely with developers and property owners to build the housing options our community needs.
  • Creating “workforce housing” that allows West Vancouver to attract qualified employees for both for the District and the business community.
  • Providing the necessary parking and transportation solutions that enable residents to access local businesses, services, parks and more, across West Vancouver.
  • Developing strategies for our business communities that support our existing businesses and make West Vancouver an attractive place for new businesses to locate.

Working together, we can make West Vancouver a vibrant place to live and work!

We face the most important election in West Vancouver’s history on October 20. Council has unanimously passed our OCP, Economic Development Plan and Arts & Culture Strategy, but we need action to move forward. This election is about West Van’s identity: do we embrace our future and thrive—or remain just a bedroom community stalled by endless debate? Now is the time to reinvigorate how Council does business, communicates and delivers real solutions to real challenges. 

If you support action , I ask for your support on October  20. Together we  will bring fresh thinking and transparent governance to secure a future for ALL generations. 

I want to hear from you. Visit my website to find out more about my views on the important issues facing us, about my extensive community experience , endorsements I have received, and my professional background and experience. Share your ideas:

A West Vancouver resident since 1992, I live in Ambleside with my wife Rebecca Black and our two dogs, Roco and Tasha.

I’m an architect and planner and an advocate for citizen involvement in neighbourhood planning and sustainable design practices. My community service includes participation as a citizen member of the Strategic Planning Working Group and Community Engagement Committee.

In the 2016 by-election, I campaigned on the platform ‘Neighbourhoods First’ with the idea of providing residents with a voice in issues of local concern. On Council, I have devoted much of my time to the new Official Community Plan and look forward to seeing this through to completion early in the new term. I also serve as the Council representative to the new Neighbourhood Character Working Group.

My priorities for the new term will be:

  •     Implementing a Transportation Action Plan
  •     Guidelines to protect neighbourhood character
  •     Completion of the Official Community Plan
  •     Housing policy to protect and expand our rental stock
  •     Facilities for our arts community
  •     Waterfront and Ambleside Park plans

I look forward to serving our community through consistent and well-informed positions on the issues that matter most to our future as a healthy, sustainable community.


Dedicated to West Vancouver. Yours. Mine. Ours. I am a business woman who has called West Vancouver home for 53 years. I have helped serve the community as a West Vancouver Chamber of Commerce board member for over 14 years; 4 years as President. I am starting my 5th year as a Board Member of the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation. I am the founding partner of Loren Nancke, am a Chartered Professional Accountant and regular speaker on tax matters for the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver. I also served as a volunteer Manager for the West Vancouver Soccer Club, and as Treasurer for both the Collingwood School Parents’ Council, and the North Shore Counselling Centre. As councillor for West Vancouver I hope to usher in an era of accountability and efficiency so that value for tax dollars becomes a priority. Diversified housing options are also high on my list given the results of the 2017 Vital Signs report.

West Vancouver has been my home for the past 29 years. I feel that it's time to give back to our well loved community. We live in this unique community of approximately 42,473 residents. We have our own police force and transit system. We have some of the most beautiful parks and public gardens of any community in Canada. We have public schools that rank amongst the highest in Canada. We also have challenges and decisions to make regarding future development. I, like many residents, envision West Vancouver to be a "West Van By The Sea" (like Carmel, California). I believe this is achievable without compromising progress (i.e. future development). Our quality of life principles are pretty basic: Protecting property owners, ensuring economic vitality, providing housing opportunities, and preserving our environment which all lead to building a better community. I would like to ask for your support by voting for me on October 20th, 2018 or at any one of the many Advance Polls held at West Van Municipal Hall (Oct 6, 9, 10,11, 12 & 15 8am - 8 pm and Oct 14th 8am - 6pm).            (604) 551-2092

Authorized by Richard K. Uhrle, Financial Agent

West Vancouver has been my home for 35 years.  I have developed a comprehensive understanding of issues facing West Vancouver residents through my involvement in school and community associations.  Residents want to be heard!

The next four years will be critical to the future of West Vancouver as we begin implementation of the second phase of The Official Community Plan. The main reasons I am running for Council include:


  • Balance density with retention of neighbourhood character
  • Offer housing choices for seniors and young families
  • Look to all neighbourhoods for mixed and infill housing options


  • Increase public transit as a short term viable solution
  • Collaborate with North Shore Councils and First Nations to develop a long term traffic strategy
  • Include negotiation and consultation with Provincial and Federal governments


  • Use upcoming budget processes to reduce Municipal spending
  • Negotiate with the Province to return a portion of the new School Tax to our community


  • Enhance the natural state of Ambleside Waterfront using existing footprints to offer services
  • Maintain and protect  existing parks and green space
  • Support community group efforts to preserve natural habitats and fish bearing streams
  • Create a Wild Fire Protection Plan by April 2019

On my return from world travels it struck me how precious West Vancouver and Canada are. Elected in 1988, named the first councillor for heritage, a sustaining passion. I made the motion for heritage designation of GLH, our museum, in 1990.

MONSTER HOUSES: On Council we reduced the FAR from .45 to .35, (residents overjoyed). I want to work with/for you, and have suggested a demarcated map (residents list what they like in their area), plan a range of diverse areas.

Happy I enabled increased revenue to the municipality; took 20 years but now we get 75% of the upzoning value.

Dedication? only missed 16 council meetings since 1988.

Professionally, I taught in five countries, back here part owner of two computing companies.

Chosen by the mayor for the first Community Engagement Cmte; exciting to establish Working Groups (open mtgs -- now compliance is needed).

During the Olympics, suddenly no Public Corresp on the agenda. Surprised cancelled, upset, I lobbied -- got it back!

Community participation: ratepayer group prez, WVHS Director, Heritage West Van chair, Legion; started and am editor of WV Matters (since 1995).

DWV AWARDs: Heritage and Civic Commitment

Let's go forward with openness and collaboration.

  • I am proud to have been your representative on Council for the past 22 years
  • I have always done my homework including visiting sites and personally evaluating the issues
  • My goal is to protect neighbourhood character that makes West Vancouver a special community and ensures your quality of life
  • The next 4 years there are important issues to consider; Housing, Density, Infrastructure, Area Planning, Traffic and Taxation
  • All these issues have to be presented to the community and require input from YOU!
  • I am your voice on Council and promise to listen to what you have to say

I am running for council because my work, life and educational experience collectively offers a perspective that would be valuable on council as regional mobility and affordability are threatening our quality of life and sense of community.

Fundamentally I am committed to people and community. My strengths lie in having empathy for a vast range of issues and applying critical thinking, fact checking and research around decision making. I enjoy engaging with people to explore opportunities and solutions and believe council needs to strengthen relationships and communication with all levels of government and stakeholders to find optimal solutions.

I have a Degree in Urban Studies from UBC and a diploma in Civic Engagement and Dialogue from SFU. Growing up in rural BC, I came to West Vancouver 33 years ago where my husband and I raised our three daughters in Lower Caulfeild. I currently work in Horseshoe Bay and in the riding of West Vancouver Sea to Sky.

All of these places are home and community to me and I would like the opportunity to apply my skills and knowledge to help navigate West Vancouver into the vibrant, healthy community we all know it can be.

Thanks for reading my profile!

I have had the privilege of ensuring the safety and security of our community, as well as representing our citizens on the West Vancouver Police Board, the BC Association of Police Boards, and the Canadian Association of Police Governance over the past 6 years. In addition to being the CEO of an athletic-wear company, I am also a provincially-appointed tribunal adjudicator, and board member of high-profile organizations.

The health and well-being of West Van has rapidly eroded due to the lack of: housing diversity, transportation efficiency, and governance/tax-dollar effectiveness.

We must elect qualified individuals who will not only make the tough decisions, but who have a clear vision of what this community can become. I am asking you to stand with me; I am asking you to vote for me; and I am asking you to stop settling for what we have to accept. In this election, let us reach for what we know is possible: a better West Vancouver, a community that’s not just yours or mine, but ours.

Please visit my website to learn more about me and my plan to tackle the critical issues facing our community.